Choosing Paint

Choosing Paint – House Painting

Here are some suggestions for choosing paint and stain for exterior and interior house painting.

Exterior House Painting:

  • First and foremost,  you need to check with your homeowners association (HOA) to see if there are any restrictions on what paint
    colors and stains you can choose
  • Don’t be afraid to use your imagination with the color scheme; mixing a variety of colors doesn’t necessarily cost that much more than sticking with a bland color scheme
  • Don’t draw attention to unattractive features such as gutters or air conditioners by painting them a different color
  • Consider the color of your neighbors’ houses and how your colors will look next to their
  • Take into account other nearby colors, such as the color of the roof, the color of the landscaping, shading near the house, etc.

Interior House Painting

  • You don’t have to settle for beige or white, the most common colors used for house painting in new homes
  • Not all whites and beiges are alike (some have tints of pink, blue, brown, etc.), so choose your hue carefully
  • Decide if you’re going with warm colors (such as reds and oranges) or cool colors (such as blues and greens)
  • Typically, in interior design, the color of paint is often the last choice, not the first choice, which allows you to complement your furniture and furnishings

If you’d like help in choosing the right colors for your next house painting job, Jennifer Cabral, our interior designer, will be happy to provide a free color consultation ($200 value).

Give us a call, if you’d like a free estimate on house painting, (303) 921-5194.

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